Campus Manager Program

Want the most interesting job on campus?

If you’re a college student and a member of a fraternity or sorority that enjoys meeting new people and promoting the best custom apparel around, then our Campus Manager Program is the perfect opportunity for you! This is a position that has flexible hours and will allow you to gain communication skills and networking experience. You will also get real-world training in sales and customer service while at the same time being compensated.  SS Printing Campus Managers are bright, outgoing, and motivated college students that love the products created at SS Printing and are willing to help their community find the best custom apparel that fits their needs.

Flexible Hours

Because this program has so much freedom, all our current Campus Managers are able to attend college full time and still exceed our expectations. Considering how flexible the hours are and your ability to do it on your own time, this is the perfect part-time job!


Great Pay Opportunities

There are multiple incentives throughout the semester, allowing you to earn extra cash! On top of that, you will have the opportunity to earn a percentage of sales for any orders from new clients you bring our way, making this one of the highest paying part-time jobs on campus.


Resume Builder

Throughout the semester you will be working closely with our team of sales reps, marketing coordinators, and designers to promote SS Printing in a fun and exciting way! You will gain experience in a multitude of areas consisting of: customer service, sales, and business management.

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